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When you have too much to say, sometimes nothing but silence can express it. Even if you know the exact words, something may stop you.

This blog gives you a place to get that out of yourself, anonymously. Write those words you didn't want to say, or were unable to. That feeling killing you inside, that smile you've hidden from everyone, that phrase you wanted to shout but there were nobody there to listen...
Share: what does your silence mean?

Please note:

1. You may have to wait a few days before your message gets posted, we have to follow the queue;
2. We don't choose between the confessions, we post everything as we get;
3. To share your silence, use the ask box.
If your message is too long to fit in there, please use the submit box.

4. If you want, we can post your name, url or any other information about you with your message, so people will know it was you who wrote it. Just remember to specifically ask us to do that, when you submit your text.

If you have any questions, you can also contact us through writeyoursilence.contact@gmail.com